"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection"  

Mark Twain

Progress Solutions is Creative, Inspiring and Motivational

Progress Solutions has a pedigree of supporting Individuals, Start-Ups and Existing Businesses.

I believe the process of enabling a business is centric around creating effective sales and proposition messaging; My experience in this field is proven, creative and pragmatic.

I am passionate about developing both people and propositions, my solutions impact core areas of personal and organisational development, including Sales, Business and Proposition Development; all designed to support your business's growth, momentum and efficiency.

All of my solutions are inexpensive and deliver real and tangible business benefit.  Value is driven from every engagement to ensure stong return on investment and the realisation of business benefits.

Clients include Individuals and several Small, Medium and World Class Plc based organisations.

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Push the Button: "Do a May"

Wednesday 29th March 2017, the date inked into the UK corporations mind as the biggest and most historically significant date of UK politics in the past half century. Exactly what this means for UK business owners, corporations and employess is at present unknown; a trade deal is yet to be agreed and once this has been achieved the process of implementation will ......