I asked some of my clients if they would contribute to my webspace by commenting on me, my services or solutions; here are a few of their comments.

Quick Delivery of Benefits

Engaging Progress Solutions to assist in driving our business into high value New Business opportunity generation has led to a substantial win within a matter of weeks.  The professional approach and conduct shown towards our clients instills trust and respect at all levels.

J Shaw - Managing Director | Web Services.Com Ltd

Consistant Delivery

The quality and provision of service has been unmatched by any of our current or previous suppliers; the consistant delivery of business ready solutions in the resource space has repeatedly kept us ahead of timescales and ensured our ongoing success in delivering against our comittments.....

Head of IT Development | Leading UK Financial Services Organistion

Knowledge of Client Needs

“I have been most impressed by Peter's knowledge of his clients' needs and by his professionalism in knowing how best to .....”

S Heath - Senior Business PM | Friends Life (Formally 'Friends Provident')

Pain Free Process

"....I appreciate this is commerce, but you have made the process pain free which is a rarity for me."

C Gambrill - Senior Operations | Computershare Plc

Solid Business and Sales Experience

I'd describe Peter's approach as empathetic and candid, two things that were invaluable to me throughout his work with us.  Peter demonstrated a thorough understanding of my challenges having lived through a number of them himself, I was able to trust his advice and see value from the outset.  Cutting through the confusion and forming a strategy to help us succeed was a significant and valuable addition to our business.  Peter has provided me a sounding board, somebody with solid business and sales experience that could empathise with my challenges, listen if I wanted to vent, and be candid with the advice I needed to hear. Business and sales strategy flows from a relationship like that; something which still resonates with our business today.

Tom Bates, Managing Director | Sound in Theory Ltd

Instantly Lower Costs and Efficient Delivery

Progress Solutions have reduced costs in certain areas of our business by almost 50%.  The speed and efficiency of delivery in many aspects of the work and services provided has impressed myself and many of the senior members of our management team, as has their ability to work and communicate effectively with a wide variety of personalities of varying levels of responsibility.....

Head of Business Services | Market Leading Uk & Multi-National Financial Services Plc

Invaluable Time Investment

"Thank you, the time spent talking through the business and developing that conversation into a mind-map was invaluable to me. Ultimately not only did you help me phrase what we do, you more importantly helped me phrase and see what it was that we want to do in the future - the process has given me a clear view of our offering and the company's direction over the next 12 months."

D Watts - Managing Director | Watts the Solution Ltd

Professional and Effective in Delivery

"...and successfully managed to deliver key resources and management support to assist in the implementation and successful delivery of our change program, resulting not only in the realisation of business benefits for this change program but also a reduction in cost of almost 14% on our projections, thankyou."

Head of Business Change | Uk and European General Insurance Organisation

Necessitates Engagement Again

.........and after working with a number of the larger business consultancies we have now decided that the value presented by Progress Solutions simply confirms and dictates the necessity for future engagements with you...

IT and Business Services Manager | Top 10 'Fast-Track' 250 Company

Knowledgable and Enthusiastic

I launched my business in November 2014 and I was finding it extremely difficult to reach my target market, I spent days and weeks sending emails, writing letters and making phone calls trying to contact prospective clients and generate business but I wasn’t making progress. I contacted Peter Griffiths from PS and I am now working with Peter to progress our Business. In less than one week he has turned things around for us. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, I find him an inspiration and I completely believe in his service, PS is what every single entrepreneur and new business can benefit from. Peter completely understands product and market and he can get a business from where it is to where it needs to be. 

Beverley Boon CEO | Fitness 2 Practise